PID Technology Research and Accomplishments

Our Research Team:

PID Technology Inc.. is involve in new innovations and production of devices that embraces home safety solutions. The mission statement is ..”We bring every consumer to safety.” Our patented product is a home safety device such as ac outlet that reduces the risk of electric shock, interrupts power, protects households from overloading, experiencing shorten circuitry. We are committed to delivering excellence in safety devices and other home safety solutions. Our team of innovator is continuously doing research for new ideas that will bring our home to a peaceful environment focusing on consumer safety and satisfaction .

Patented Device:

Patent number: 8810980: System and methods using an interruption device for automatically re-routing power upon the occurrence of an event. The interruption device may interrupt the flow of power to an external device upon the detection of an event, such as a circuit overload or short circuit. Interrupting the flow of power may cause power to be cut off to a receiving connector, which supplies power to the external device, by re-routing the flow of power away from the receiving connector by the use of relay switches. By interrupting and re-routing the flow of power, an electrical fire, damage to the external device or other hazard may be prevented. Once the source of the problem, such as a defective external device, has been removed or fixed, the flow of power may be re-routed back to the receiving connector. more…

Webi Connect Idea :

The company introduces the innovated approach of marketing via webi connection utilizing the system computation and algorithm to bring the commodity to the attention of consumers. The approach is based on the needs of a particular areas of the community by sorting the collected data and statistics. Such as residence ethnicity, culture, aged gaps and genders. Other demands surrounding the premises is also computed.

Example: “In a particular city with flood restriction, the need of a device that provides light and electricity is considered. In areas where there are more toddlers required more toys and baby supplies. Collecting data of every community needs, will introduce the right product to market”.

The new Webi connect, caters consumer’s attention.

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