PID Devices are capable of protecting electrical outlet and appliances from unstable current flow. It can interrupt AC power supply in case of circuit overload.

It can perform similar to Circuit breaker, ground fault interrupting device and surge protector with overload protection. It is the combination of 4 services into one device.

   There are many devices that protect electrical appliances and home circuitry but no one has develop a power outlet device that protects overloaded power lines. Our product is AC Power Router, capable of protecting appliances and electrical outlet from causing into fire; short circuit and electrical shock; surge protection and thermal control sensor that interrupts power supply in case of power overload.

The sale of circuit breakers is continuous since 1960s, and until now, still generating big profit especially in United States because it is covered by National electrical Code, which mandates every housing units and business establishments to install this device for fire safety.
  When GFI was introduced to  market it shows similar market trend to Circuit Breaker when the state makes it mandatory.

Now, the discovery of PID Power Router that performs similar to these devices would be the possibility to be included in the Safety Code mandatory list  to enhance consumer safety.

PID Power Router is designed to interrupt AC supply in case of abnormal current is delivered or given magnitude is excessive. It holds the power supply until the source of the problem is eliminated. It can perform similar to  circuit breaker because it holds the power source while the power line is in trouble. It can be a GFI replacement due to its sensitivity to stop the AC supply when hot and ground lines are accidentally touched together. It also serves as surge protector when the appliance power supply is suddenly interrupted since it activates the 10 seconds timer before it delivers the power back in line. It has a thermal shut-off module that prevents any overloading of power outlets. It is a new innovation of 4 in one service device.


The production of the device shall start with an external single outlet while still in the process of introduction. It shall be initially distributed to 50 states and Countries outside USA.

The demand factor shall be based on the volume of housing units and business establishments being built in the United States.

US Census Bureau report: Each State in the USA have an estimate of 14,000 house structure permit application. Every housing unit under construction is required to install safe electrical devices.

Life Cycle Patterns:
Power router has the same life cycle pattern of GFI, Surge protector and circuit breaker. It is durable; it can hold different amperes. It is designed for residential and commercial used.

Emerging Competitors:
PID device is new enhanced product which could perform the functions of a circuit breaker, GFI, surge protector and a thermal shut-off system in case of overload. Competition among other devices which could perform similar function is still expected.

Roadmap Overview of Products and services:
The product shall be distributed around the globe as an initial product overview.

Long Term Plan:
Considering that principles and functions of the Circuit Breakers, GFI’s and surge protectors are defined under electrical codes, it could generate continuous demand as long as new housing units and building establishment are constructed.

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