Patent No. 8925568
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Smoke alarm was used only for its annoying sounds and yet, it never stop the fire. Making the smoke alarm to communicates to a gas valve is now easy by utilizing  wired and wireless technology combined with  the smart valve.  It can turn off cooking appliances automatically. You can also control it with your smart phone and can be reset by manual mode only for safety purposes.

Patent number: 8810980


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Interrupting the flow of power may cause power to be cut off to a receiving connector, which supplies power to the external device, by re-routing the flow of power away from the receiving connector by the use of relay switches. By interrupting and re-routing the flow of power, an electrical fire, damage to the external device or other hazard may be prevented. Once the source of the problem, such as a defective external device, has been removed or fixed, the flow of power may be re-routed back to the receiving connector.

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